Our Vision

To deliver the best experience on purchasing consumer electronics for the lowest price possible with the highest quality.

Our Mission

To create the safest online e-commerce platform in Sri Lanka to sell branded high-end electronic products for the lowest price by ensuring the highest quality possible.

Who We Are

We are an independent, leading high quality Electronics shop in Sri Lanka. It is a full service destination for state-of-the-art equipment. We focus on trustworthy professionalism in all areas. We offer the best selection and price on professional photographic, video gear, consumer electronics and more.

We offer our customers multi-channel concepts in the form of online shop.

We are selling all kinds of cameras, accessories and high-end electronics for the minimum price possible while ensuring the highest quality. As a result, starting from Photography and Printing in Central province, we have built on to a leading consumer electronics brand in Sri Lanka with a strong customer base, With 31 years of excellence in service.

We're hoping to make a landmark in E-Commerce by creating a highly secured website where customers can purchase their needs from us in the most convenient way possible with a seamless experience like never before.


Island wide doorstep delivery

Best after sale service

Genuine branded products

100% Customer satisfaction